What is the E-Saliksik Research Portal?

The E-Saliksik Research Portal is the central repository for education research in the Department of Education. The Portal was developed with the purpose of making education research more accessible to aid evidence-based actions and encourage the conduct and use of research from school to the national level through the sharing of knowledge. 

Why do we need to archive research?

Archiving research will aid in preserving significant data, promoting knowledge sharing, ensuring research continuity, and providing transparency of findings. 


What content can I find on the Portal?

The Portal mostly contains education research. This research includes projects funded by DepEd and those completed by DepEd offices, personnel, and partners. The Portal also hosts research bulletins, which are short reports on research projects produced for broader public consumption. 

How does research get archived in the Portal?

Only studies which met the minimum standards for quality research will be archived in the Portal.

How can I be sure about the quality of the research featured on the Portal?

The Department has established a quality control process for completed research defining the minimum standards of a quality research and adopting a tool to assess quality of completed research.

I am not a DepEd-based researcher. Can I request that my research be archived in the Portal?

Yes. DepEd will host education research by non-DepEd/external researchers which are consistent with its research priorities. DepEd will call for external research submissions, which will be archived in the Portal upon passing the quality control process.

Who owns or holds the copyright for studies uploaded in the Portal?

Copyright/ownership remains with the researchers/authors, unless stated otherwise in the report. DepEd-funded studies are co-owned by the Department of Education and the fund grantees or report authors.

Does content in E-Saliksik count as a publication?

No. E-Saliksik is an archival facility and not a publication. 


Who can access the Portal’s content?

Anyone may access previews of the content of the Portal, but only those with Subscribers account may obtain full access and download Portal content.

Who will be given a Subscriber account?

Subscriber accounts will be given to DepEd offices, personnel, schools, and external partners.

Where can I find the Portal? 

The portal can be accessed through the website:

Do I need the internet to access the Portal?

Yes. Like any other website, the Portal can only be accessed once connected to the internet.

What browser should I use to access the Portal?

The Portal has been tested on the following browsers: Google Chrome (and Chromium-based browsers such as Vivaldi and Brave), Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Brave. Make sure that your browser is updated to the latest version before opening the Portal.

What devices can I use to access the Portal?

You can use any device – including desktops, laptops, tablet computers – with internet connectivity to access the Portal. The Portal is currently designed to display best on personal computers. While you can use a smartphone, this is not recommended.

Can I download research from the Portal?

Yes. Those who wish to download research and other contents should log in to the Portal. Once logged in, subscribers can use the search button or click on the category button to browse. Completed research reports under a specific category can be downloaded by simply clicking the attached pdf report in the post following the usual prompts in downloading files.